CCDL Virtual Training

2021 June Training

Dates: 2021-06-28 through 2021-07-02

Getting Started

Pre-workshop Prep

Please take a look at our procedures to familiarize yourself with how we will be using these platforms throughout training:


For more details on the schedule for each day, click here.

Workshop Structure

A description of our plans and goals for the workshop can be found on the Workshop Structure document. Please also refer to the schedule for information about timing and links relevant to each day. An overview of the modules we will cover and associated links can be found on the Workshop Materials document.

During instruction sessions, CCDL staff will lead you through course material using Zoom, Slack, and RStudio Server. We will record instruction and provide it to workshop attendees so they can revisit it outside of workshop hours or in case they experience disruptions during live instruction.

During consultation sessions, CCDL staff will be available to answer questions and provide 1:1 assistance as you work through exercise notebooks we provide or work with your own transcriptomic data. We’ll use Zoom and Slack for these days, too.

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