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If you do not have Zoom installed yet, you will need to download the client. To do so, go to and click the button to download the latest version of Zoom Client for Meetings

Zoom Download Page

The Zoominstaller.exe installer package will most likely be saved to your Downloads folder or you can click on it in the lower left corner. Click Run when asked what you would like to do with Zoominstaller.exe

Windows will ask you if you would like to allow Zoom to make changes to your device. Click Yes.

When the installation is completed, Zoom should automatically open. Click Join with Video if asked.

Zoom splash screen

Login or create a new Zoom account.

Zoom sign in screen

Set Up Preferences

Click on the gear in the corner of the main Zoom page menu.

Zoom preferences menu

If it is not selected already, click on the Audio panel in the left sidebar.

Microphone preferences

If you have granted permission for Zoom to use the microphone, you should now see green and/or red bars in the Input Level section as you talk. If you want to further test your microphone and speaker settings, you can click the Test Speaker and Test Mic buttons.

We recommend that you select the checkbox to “Automatically join audio by computer when joining a meeting.” to save you the future annoyance of having to do this every time you join a meeting.

Now select Share Screen in the left sidebar and uncheck Enter full screen when a participant shares screen and Maximize Zoom window when a participant share screen.

Zoom splash screen

Turning these settings off will make it easier to interact with other windows during training.


Download the 64-bit Slack application from:

Slack download

Click on the SlackSetUp.exe file this downloads when it pops up in the lower left corner. Or find it most likely in the Downloads folder and click on it there.

Join Cancer Data Science Slack by using this link.

Please use your full name in your profile, and don’t forget to set a unique password!

Slack email confirmation

After you login, you will see the Slack interface in the browser, but you probably want to open the app for ease of use and the complete feature set. In the upper left of the window, click on the words Cancer Data Science to open the menu, then select “Open the Slack App”. Windows may ask Did you mean to switch apps?; say Yes.

Slack open app menu

The Slack app you installed should open to the Cancer Data Science Community workspace and you should be all set. After you have been added to the training-specific channel, say “Hi” and introduce yourself to everyone!

If you are new to Slack, you can get familiar with the interface and features by having a conversation with Slackbot (Slack’s resident chatbot) or with yourself. You can find Slackbot (and yourself) in the left panel, under “Direct Messages”.

DM Slackbot

For more information about how we will be using Slack, please read about our Slack Procedures